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Cocker Spaniel Club of San Diego Hosts our annual Specialty

 February 2016 Del Mar Fairgrounds 2 Shows! AM and PM

Show Secretary: Jack Bradshaw

Meeting:  Tuesday's 7PM at Denny's Restaurant, Navajo RD

Contact Eileen for exact dates.


  OFA Clinic

Sept 19, 2015

Contact Celyn for more info

All-Breed OFA Clinic( Pre-Pay)

 Saturday, September 19, 2015 --Starting at 8:30 AM

OFA eye exams  by Board certified Ophthalmologist  Dr. Vestre

Cost is $36.00 per dog. Discount with 3+ dogs offered at $31.00 per dog

OFA Expanded Thyroid Panels & Petella & Titers by Dr. Greg Lawson

Cost is $113.00 for OFA expanded thyroid exam and $21.00 each for OFA patella or OFA cardiac (auscultation only by general practitioner)

...discounted to $26.00 for BOTH OFA patella and OFA cardiac exams if done together on same dog!  Titers: Distemper/Parvo $66. D/P/H $81. D/P/H/Lepo $101.00

OFA BAER Hearing Tests by Dr. Raquel Heskett:

 $61. per dog (no sedatives used)

ECHO CARDIOGRAMS ($211.00) & Auscultations ($41.00) by Board certified Cardiologist Dr Sharon Huston

 (OFA discounts available for all tests. $7.50 each)

Microchipping with ISO pre enrolled chips $20 for members/$25 non members

Located in the Temecula Valley 

(Where the 215 and 15 converge)


 Cocker Spaniel Club of Southern California / Temecula Kennel Club/ Cocker Spaniel Club of San Diego   

To schedule appointments & where to send in checks:   E-mail:

Dental Clinic Nov, 2015

Above & Below the gum line/no anesthesia

Contact Celyn for more info & appointments

Pre-enrolled International Micro chips are available at all health clinics $25.

CSCOC Specialty Show new Dates! (Click on flyer)

"Concerned Dog Owners of California"  

Information on Responsible Canine Ownership